Azis Sadikovic

4th Philharmonic Concert of the Brandenburg State Orchestra Frankfurt
Thrilling music-making at its best
Guest conductor Azis Sadikovic brings Smetana's cycle "My Fatherland" to an acclaimed performance with the State Orchestra.
Nowadays, complete performances in the concert hall are rather rare. It was gratifying that the 4th Philharmonic Concert of the Brandenburg State Orchestra on Friday in the Concert Hall put the cycle on the programme.  The audience received the uninterrupted 80-minute performance under the direction of guest conductor Azis Sadikovic with jubilation. The symphonic poem "Vyšehrad", which opens the cycle, begins with rushing harp sounds that resemble an imaginary bard's song. Afterwards, past glories of the castle are described, while the following allegro section depicts the battles for the castle and its fall. Driven by the energetic conducting, the music is broad and soulful, including abrupt changes into rebellious realms. But the conductor also knows how to make the chivalrously festive resound with thoughtful internalisation.  And he develops great arcs of tension. At first flute-loving, later glittering flowing determines the (sound) course of the "Moldau" from the source to the detailed spreading of spray to the slow disappearance in the distance. The myth of the cunning Amazon "Sárka", who takes revenge on Bohemian knights with her female fighters, is mysterious. The wind-swept walk through "Bohemia's groves and meadows" is more peaceful, with the sound of horns and the flair of folk dances. "Tábor", where the protective camp of the Hussite holy warriors is located, tells of warlike entanglements. After losing the battle, they retreat to the mountain "Blanik" and wait there, ready to fight, for the call of the fatherland to resurrect the Czech nation. Musically, Smetana once again used the Hussite chorale "You who fight for God". The "Vyšehrad" motif of the fictional bard closes the cycle hymnally. Peter Buske

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