Peteris Eglitis

Der fliegende Holländer, Edinburgh Festival Theatre, 2013
“Peteris Eglitis sang the Dutchman with a tone of restrained grandeur, a noble contrast to the gruff but affable Daland of Scott Wilde.”

“Peteris Eglitis is a weary Dutchman, longing for rest, all but reconciled to its unattainability.”

Der Ring des Nibelungen, Theater Freiburg
“As Wotan Peteris Eglitis pleases the audience with a variable baritone.” Online Musik Magazin

“As Wanderer Peteris Eglitis completes his astonishing interpretation as Wotan. The highlight of his interpretation is the Erda scene with Anja Jung.” Online Musik Magazin

„You can’t desire a more impressive Wotan than Peteris Eglitis. The American singer has an adequate bass-fundament to fit the King of the Gods with the required dominance. In spite of his powerful vocalization he presents a flowing legato through the phrases. His expression of soft tenderness during the huge third act farewell left one deeply moved.” Badische Zeitung

“Peteris Eglitis takes full risk in his Wotan and every single note is attested for: he is a singer-actor, in full accordance to Wagner’s wishes. He is able to create his role from the very depth of the brokenness of the character, and if necessary is able to explode on stage. A singer who is able to master ‘Wotan’s Farwell’ after two long acts with such a retraction to piano as Eglitis does, is awarded to the highest of Wagner-honors.”

“the Wotan of Peteris Eglitis was massive, rough and with a highly differentiated voice.” Badische Zeitung

Tosca, Theater Freiburg
“The egomaniac on duty is, of course, Scarpia, a menace to the personal union. Peteris Eglitis sang it very convincingly, with substantial baritone.” Badische Zeitung

“The protagonist trio was completed by a wonderfully wicked Peteris Eglitis as Baron Scarpia. Reminiscent of Jago, the mixture of greed, sadism and love of the police chief, he carried this out with uncanny emphasis and never ending vocal presence.”

Parsifal, Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern
“Amfortas cast with Peteris Eglitis, one feels and receives his suffering with a vast ranging and attractive voice.”

Tosca, Tiroler Festspiele Erl
„Peteris Eglitis is most dangerous in his softly sung passages but he is also able to shine. He is no Scarpia that screams, but one that frightens.” Tiroler Tageszeitung

Die Frau ohne Schatten, Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern
“Peteris Eglitis as Messenger of Keikobad with a powerful voice.”

Fidelio, Auckland
“Peteris Eglitis’s Pizarro was the old-fashioned villain that you want to hiss, and vastly entertaining; a man of thunderous passions.“ The New Zealand Herald

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